This, this and more this!

look at the last pic help

I like to reblog puppy pictures for followers who might be having a rough day because hell, how can you frown when puppy so cute.

Are we not seeing the cute owner too?

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Quick get in the car! Stat! 
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Quick get in the car! Stat!

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white person eating ass: “this is so spicy”

I was feeling great about my trip to England because I was all “it’s all British airways, nothing to worry about”

I check my itinerary and oh what’s that? Malaysia airlines. Panic inducing anxiety everywhere

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Okay so two things

1. I bought Chris and I tickets to see Kylie Minogue next year. (It’s a surprise so hopefully the tickets come before he buys some, or someone else invites him) queue irrational anxiety.

2. Looking at his pictures makes my heart race.

want to turn brain off and sleep forever.

i have sent way too many messages to chris and he’ll probably hate me by now

It’s been 4 months, but Chris is finally back. Expect selfies.








If there was one photoset that best described me as a person, this would be it.

This was totally me at the latest movie.

Comic me

Every movie experience with #beefyshaitan


Yup, me and hubby. :)

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Eternal fear of never meeting hugh jackman

♪ Someday he’ll come along, the man I love, and he’ll be big and strong, the man I love, and when he comes my way, I’ll do my best to make him stay ♪

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