Instant stomache ache after eating Maccas..

Time for another bad food detox.

Want to go to gym and get fit.
Worried about the people there.

Contemplating going at midnight onwards; avoid human interaction.

This is my ‘I’ve eaten chocolate all day’ face

This is my ‘I’ve eaten chocolate all day’ face


why do straight ppl think they can whine about gay ppl “throwing their sexuality in our faces” when almost every waking second of every minute of every day of my life is filled with heterosexual romance media and heteronormativity. like u think 2 girls holding hands in public is rubbing their sexuality in ur face you have no fucking idea what queer people go through on a daily basis shut the fuck up


worst pain imaginable


when your waiter comes out with food but it’s for another table




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Am so close to platinum trophy for Dark Souls 2.

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Ex’s are poo heads
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Work work work

Work work work

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